Lil Ominous is still climbing up Hip-Hop’s Ladder with “888” Album!

James Roan



We often reach a time in music when there’s a time for something fresh. Particularly, for this special artist a new project to add to one’s collection. Miami artist Lil Ominous did so in the latter part of last year with his release titled “888”. The album consists of 10 tracks each bringing the signature “Ominous” style he’s created for himself. One of the tracks, being the classic titled “Scottie Pippen” which has gained over 100k streams on Spotify alone. The official music video which premiered on YouTube has reached a whopping 146k views. These are really good numbers for someone who hasn’t even reached the mainstream level yet.

The album artwork consists of blue, being a cool color with the album’s title “888” numbers in unison right next to each other. There’s also an individual in the center (which we‘d assume is ominous himself) wearing a blue mask, climbing up as if he’s ready to take over the world! The image and other objects are sort of drowned out or blurred giving the viewer “suspenseful, mysterious vibes upon first glance. The artwork also follows up well with the theme and sound of the music. Most artists don’t understand that everything has to flow cohesively together from the artwork, to the production, down to the lyrics and even the visuals.

You will find dark themed tracks, as well as tracks with great bass, along with hyped more fun cuts as well. There’s production from beatzordie, havenbeats, rosefromthepain, supplyanddemand and more! Ominous delivers fun lyrics on some tracks detailing his experiences, wins, losses and where he wants to be. There’s also some where he flaunts his skill and confidence as he should, being an artist that started from nothing. There’s songs to blast in the car, play in the club, dance to as parties and other occasions. We want to congratulate Lil Ominous for putting out such work as he has been doing for the last years. We’re excited to see what other works he has for us in the future. Links to stream the album will be available below.

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