J Ballout Setting Up Motion Within Dreamchasers

Isaac Cabanas, better known as J Ballout, from the small state of Connecticut may not have grown up in Hollywood but knows a hit record when he hears it. At only 27 years old, the music executive J Ballout has made his mark behind the scenes of major records and is a major player in the music industry. Although Ballout is a young entrepreneur and now serves as an A&R for Dreamchasers Meek Mill’s Record label , he is not ashamed to admit that he had to fake it till he made it. Making it for Bally is a huge understatement.

The Connecticut native, now based in NYC, has an eye and ear for talent. J Ballout went from being a small time independent artist recording in his closet at age 15 to being a part of Plaexpedite a consult management firm founded by TweetMack (Meek Mill Nephew). Plaexpedite has found tons of talent and expedited artist careers to the next level. Platinum recording artist Roddy Rich is a prime example of talent brought to the next level with the co-sign of Meek Mill’s label Dreamchasers.

As A Connecticut native it was extremely hard for J Ballout to get to the next level. He faced issues with exposure and had no guidance when it came to investments for his music. The music industry is way more than just talent being showcased there is a lot of behind the scenes business that takes place. When he met Tweetmack he began to gain exposure and grow his audience by partnering up and using his connections and knowledge of the music industry to assist independent artist in getting further in their career and locking in major investors that potentially may sign them.

J Ballout always had a passion for music since day one , he knew the path he wanted to take. Although he hasn’t dropped since 2019 there are rumors that he may drop before the year is over. All of this behind the scene work may pay off sooner or later for Ballout but for now he loves giving his knowledge to young talent that need guidance. He even is a partner of an app called Crunchet app which is a new social media platform where users can share content from different platforms and don’t have to leave the app to view the content. This amazing app has done super well and is currently running marketing and promotion for Ron Artest’s league xvsxsports which is  sponsored by Boost Mobile and Ron Artest.

Dealing with initial rejection and setbacks at first was a huge challenge for Ballout. Independent artist wouldn’t believe his credibility at first but as he began to grow his Instagram grew over 2M and people started to listen!

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