Music? Clothing? Events? “FalseCris” has it all & he’s taking over Miami!

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We love to hear a success story from those who’ve worked hard to obtain it. Especially those who’ve been through obstacles and experienced great losses. FalseCris is one of those individuals who should be looked at as both hungry and a great leader. Not only does have musical talents, he also owns the “FalseBranding” clothing line. You can also add the “ViceCityWorld” group & collective to that list as well. His music has gained him a large following, the clothing brand has sold tons of units and the vice city collective has hosted many events for artists, vendors and more to come out and enjoy the Miami Weather.

Cris got started in music with the help and inspiration of the late “OhTrapstar”. Following his passing, Cris continued to push and hone his skills musically. He chose not to give up, and kept up his quest for success amongst hip-hop elites. You don’t get local features on TRIPLESEVEN, FunnyYetSerious, and The Wet Slap without gauntering some type of buzz throughout the city. All of the success came at the perfect time, and a short amount of time as well.

The FalseBranding clothing line is one of the most creative brands currently on the rise. Everyone from artists, to influencers can be seen wearing the brand’s sweaters, hoodies, shirts, jackets, hats and other accessories. Fashion is a difficult industry to be in, because the success of one’s brand depends on the liability of the people. In order to sell anything, consumers have to attain some sort of attachment or preference to wear it. That hasn’t been a problem for Cris and his brand, as they look to become one of the premier clothing lines within the fashion industry in the near future!

The ViceCityWorld events are making huge waves across Miami. Lots of artists come from all over the US, to grace the stage and showcase their skills and talent. It’s a perfect community and a great time for everyone to network and meet others who share the same passion and interests. Those experiences never cease to amaze meat how rapidly the community grows. There’s high energy surrounding the events from the performances, to the crowd, the food and everyone showing support and love to one another.

Stay tuned for everything FalseCris has to offer in music, fashion and ViceCity events throughout South Florida.

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