Rapper Rackaidrarri Releases Album “Game Over” & Single “Cold World”

James Roan



In today’s time, any artist that’s looking to grow their fan base needs to be one thing, and that’s consistent. Consistency is single handedly the most important thing or “tool” to success in modern times. Miami artist Rackaidrarri is one of those looking for success, incorporating being consistent in numerous ways . As we know, usually most musicians release singles, rather than full length projects. This artist is doing both to showcase that he can give a single track, to build anticipation as well as an entire cohesive project with multiple tracks.

The “Game Over” album consists of 8 songs and it features artists such as 100kCoco & fellow 1% collective member Louiekillz. Rack is showcasing his confidence and unique style & sound on every single record. The production is different, the rhythms are unorthodox as we’re sure all listeners will bop their heads to the beats. If you were to combine “A$AP Mob, Cypress Hill and Post Malone” then add some Miami flavor, you have Rackaidrarri! This is what makes the music stand out so much, as it has a timeless feel. You’ll never grow bored or tired of playing each song on repeat. Songs like “Oops, Sonic, Without A Doubt, & Atari creates a new wave for the Miami underground scene!

His Single “Cold World” is the most recent work released by Rack. Right off the bat, you can tell he wanted to take a different direction and show versatility as an artist. Touching on subjects like making money, and being annoyed by a girl “calling his phone”. The mixing and mastering effects on his voice and phases goes well with the production and singing of the hook. It definitely can be a cold world indeed at times, but this track expresses it in more detail. We can’t wait to see where he decides to go next sonically, on his next releases.

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