THE THREE RD Gets Creative with Music Video for “Let It R.I.P”

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Time and time again, this Broward County Artist is showing that he has what it takes! We are in a time of hip-hop where variety and creativity lacks in most content that’s pushed. Not this artist! He not only makes catchy songs, but he also has music that makes you think and want to become a better version of yourself. In an era where there’s so much music focusing mostly on the material sides of life, Three wants to restore balance to the game. Giving us music that brings positive thoughts and simply good vibes overall. He’s young, hungry and ready to take over the rap game the first chance he gets on a mainstream level! “Let IT R.I.P” is RD showcasing his skills, storytelling ability, and power to influence listeners to produce positive outcomes in one’s life.

The track is also supported by a visual, in which the audience can view on YouTube. The video gives you a throwback yet modern feel, to what hip-hop is supposed to be like. It’s nothing flashy or over the top, which matches the song’s concept of “higher self’. However the effects, colors, locations and editing are spot on to keep the modern and younger audience engaged throughout the entire video. As the video progresses you can see Three with a bolt chain around his neck pertaining to the concept of wanting to “break the chains”. We respect RD’s approach with his work showing he doesn’t really need the flash and flare to get his point across. The song is motivating and he along with videographer “KILLBILLSIRENS” did a fantastic job matching the song with the visual. This track was produced by TOPROCK (Prod. POTEBOI x ROPATI).

We got some insight on the visual from the artist himself saying “the hook is about freeing yourself from physical and mental chains, raising our vibration and conquering your goals”. It’s great to know and acknowledge artists that are using their platform to touch such topics. There’s plenty of individuals (ourselves included) that may struggle with reaching our goals. This song and visual is a representation of breaking free. He’s showing us that it’s normal to feel this way at times, but to know you are capable of reaching your goals and getting closer to success! Stay tuned for more music and content from The Three RD. He will be one to lookout for!

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