This 17yr Old Artist is Ready for Big Success! Lookout for NXTIVI!

James Roan



In some professions, you have those who are groomed early due their parents, grooming early on. You also have some who breakout on their own, but it’s rare for someone who’s not of legal age to have a catalog of work. Whether it’s in entertainment, sports, or any other field, it’s a rare occurrence indeed. However, this artist born out of South Carolina isn’t afraid to compete at the highest level. Most of the competition in the rap game are years older than him, but it doesn’t phase him at all. His style is more so emo, mixed with various styles of hip-hop. He came up with his name “NXTIVI” due to his cultural background being Filipino and African American. His grandmother is from Natividad(a municipality in the Philippines) so he shortened it and replaced the “a” with an “x” giving him a unique stage name.

He’s a multimedia prodigy recording, mixing and even mastering his own tracks. Also, even taking parts in film and photography to earn him extra income. He decided a 9-5 was not for him as he set to keep growing his “No Rebel” brand, which is doing well for him thus far. We respect anyone who’s all about taking risks to get to where they want to be. To obtain success you’ll have to sacrifice, and he understands that at a very young age.

NXTIVI’s catalog of music is also stacked at the moment as well. Already having a ton of singles released as well as a full length album. He’s just getting started in music, and he’s built up a resume of this magnitude in such a short amount of time. One of most notable tracks “So in Love ” gained over 200,000 streams on SoundCloud which isn’t easy to do. He’s continuing to slowly build his fanbase, over time as he has some of the best years in front of him. We’re excited to see what’s in store as we anticipate large amounts of success in the near future!

Keep up with NXTIVI as he’s definitely on our radar, he’s got the “it” factor and doesn’t look to be letting up anytime soon!






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