George Pareti Pushing the Culture Forward with “ForTheYouth” Brand!



We love to hear about those who are changing the game and influencing others in a positive way. That’s what this Chicago native is doing with his brand and talents. We live in a time where it’s almost like everyone competing with each other. Fighting for a spot at the top of the ladder, George understands that the market is wide open and there’s other processions other than just music or film. His platform features everyone from musicians, producers, comedians, YouTubers, Film Makers and so many more. He’s not afraid to feature these individuals on his platform to give them a chance to grow their fanbase. Many would hesitate as they believe it would take away from their own success, but I assure you, having a mindset like George would only grow your networking of connections bringing success closer than ever before.

Even the name “ForTheYouth” sounds inspirational and leads us to believe he genuinely cares about the next generation. He uses his voice and following to help others build their own brands and platforms. Viewing the “ForTheYouth” social media platforms will make you proud. There you’ll see a plethora of content creators giving their backstory as to what pushes them. The fact that he takes time out of his day to show the fans new content and give them new music to listen to, or new videos to lookout for, speaks volumes.

He says “I hope with this platform to give people who deserve recognition a huge spotlight. The goal is to create something that is bigger than me. The message of ForTheYouth is in the name. This is a young person’s world, anyone can pick up the phone and make the next viral TikTok song or a YouTube video that gets millions of views”.

Furthermore, George is also an artist himself only adding to his creative mind. His music can be found on his YouTube channel and other platforms. He has a total of 6 singles released, and on stacking his catalog a lot more in the near future. George has been featured in “Lyrical Lemonade”, as has a buzz that’s keeping him talked about. The “ForTheYouth” brand also has merchandise as well! His site offers apparel such as hats, hoodies, t-shirts, phone cases and more! So he possesses the business acumen also. It’s safe to say that George Pareti is a multi-talented and versatile guy. We are pushing for him, we are pushing for the youth.

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