Mind Body and Sol: A Conversation with Jewell Sol

Jewell Sol

Jewell Sol is an extraordinary spiritual being with the gift to play piano, communicate and problem solve effectively. A conversation with Jewell will have you forget that he is only in his early twenties. Having him on your team you can guarantee your taxes to be filled correctly, your website designed appropriately because he doesn’t mind the boring work. He has consulted several businesses throughout his career. We sit down with Jewell today to uncover his own philosophies on life and what it takes to be an entrepreneur!

Can you tell me about your professional background and past roles?

◦ Executive Producer ◦ Digital Marketing ◦ Digital Design ◦ Owner of Jewell Sol Provisions LLC (2021) ◦ Owner of local taxi company “Sol Vessels” (2022) ◦ Founder of Jewell Sol Provisions Inc. (2022) ◦ Studio Engineer ◦ Studio Musician ◦ Director of Music Ministries for 10+years ◦ Studied at KCKCC ◦ Turner High School Graduate ◦ Multiple “Outstanding Soloist” awards from Jazz Festivals ◦ Chosen for Boys State in 2017

What does the name of your company mean to you?

◦ “Jewell” is my middle given name, inspired by my Uncle Jewell, who introduced me to apple juice! Helps keep me grounded and focused on the energy I put out to the universe. ◦ “Sol” is Spanish for Sun ofc. It’s a symbol of who I am, and why I’m an asset to this universe. I bring light to darkness, help things grow organically, and I bring the energy within me to help everything come full circle. The sun may rise and fall, but it stays consistent through its changes. I took the Spanish approach because African Americans have a Spanish history in Spain, that I will be bringing to light in future projects! ◦ “Provisions” to me, are affirmations that leads to future success. Ideas come from within, so provisions would create spectrums of specific frequencies, that will help complete the project in an ideal fashion! Provisions require foresight, unwavering faith, and help cultivate a winning process from within!

How did you determine what kind of consultant you wanted to be?

◦ I took some time to find where my heart resonates. Being able to actually help people, not just myself, is what I’d love to do for the rest of my life. I went through the process of consulting with companies and partners that didn’t share the same purpose as me, which pushed me even harder to find my balance! I had to get it wrong a few times before I found where I wanted to be. As soon as I learned how to discern what was for me, the opportunities followed.

Can you tell me more about the culture of your company?

◦ Being born in the late 90’s, I was able to see the separation in cultures, and how it hinders a community’s creativity. Seeing as all cultures have melanated origins, the land you’re from and the language you speak doesn’t fully define who you are. To me, it’s what you do with that info that determines your vibration. It’s very important to me to be diverse, and not excluding any race of people. The focus is a cosmic, universal, and holistic approach to communicating and creating successful ventures and relationships!

What advice would you give to someone just starting their own business?

◦ Research. Research. Research. Preparation is a major key to success, and it’s important to know how you learn. There’s infinite amounts of information, so knowing what you need to know will help ease the stress of being a leader! Please do not come into this thinking it’s easier than being an employee. This process will change you. To be fully prepared is a symbol of self love!

Besides business we understand you’re a passionate musician as well. How do you cope when dealing with a disinterested or disrespectful audience?

◦ I remember what I’m doing it for. Everyone is in different places in life, so to expect anyone to act how I see it in my head is a bit irrational. I love the law of averages. Because if ask 10 people a yes or no question, and 7 say no while 3 say yes, I can learn from those 7 no’s and focus on the 3 yes’s. There’s always room to improve, but my focus is on actually helping people. I’ve learned my lessons trying to help those who don’t want my kind of help, and it taught me to focus on what I can control! There’s always somebody that resonates with me when I perform, and they’ll find their way to me to let me know somehow! Those energies are my focus!

What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to 10 years?

◦ At least 100 drivers for my local taxi company ◦ At least 50 ATMs placed in business ◦ Lead at least 5,000 clients to successful ventures and projects ◦ Create successful passive income streams for artists and entrepreneurs ◦ Create a successful homeless housing system ◦ Continue to grow as a Musician ◦ Publish at least 5 books I’ve written ◦ Produce at least 50 commercials for small businesses ◦ Release at least one Album of my own on all streaming platforms ◦ At least 6 streams of income ◦ Build up personal and business credit

Do you have any weaknesses that you’re actively working to improve on?

◦ Finding my balance between the physical world and the spiritual world has been my biggest challenge. I’ve learned how to heal myself, I’m getting better at discerning what deserves my energy, but staying centered through life’s changes is where I’ve been putting my focus. I can’t change the conditions I grew up in as a child, but it is my responsibility to channel and transmute any negative energy. My disappointment is my business, no one else’s. Im learning what it means to walk in abundance, not lack.

What’s your process for dealing with performance anxiety?

◦ I meditate. I remember my training. All the hard hours I put into preparing for the moment, eases the voices bouncing around in my head. The nervous energy is very loud, so I search for my inner silence. My inner silence reminds me of every second of practice. The memories of my preparation create provisions for me to transmute the nervousness into confidence and straight focus. That allows me to dominate any frequencies coming against me doing my absolute best!

Are there any past instructors you look up to? What qualities did they have that you admire?

◦ My first piano instructor Steve Scott. He saw my musical inclination at 7 years old and had me performing on stage at 8 years old. He’s a big reason I’m on the path that I’m on. He inspired me to share my passion with the community around me! If you think I’m something on those keys? You legit need to ask about him or see for yourself. ◦ My middle school/ high school band directors Aaron Graversen and Michael Altenburn. They believed in me more than I believed in myself at the time. They both helped me learn valuable life lessons that stimmed from our connection to passionate music creativity. ◦ My college band director Jim Mair. I left him before he could really get into teaching me about my craft, but the belief he instilled in me helped cultivate these authentic vibrations. He saw something in me I didn’t see in myself, and I allowed him to push me out of my comfort zone to see that. It was disappointing to leave behind such a beautiful opportunity, but I knew one day we’d meet again, after I’d learned exactly who I am, and what I’m on this planet for. ◦ My mother. She saw how inspired I was by the church pianist and asked if I wanted to learn how to play. I said yes. And for 8 years straight, she made sure I was in piano lessons. She could have done plenty of other things with that money, but she invested in me. She raised me to be a world changing man. I might not be able to change the entire world, but trying my best makes her proud. If I don’t change the world, I’ve already changed hers. The least I can do is be the positive force she raised me to be.

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