SmokeDro Making Noise with “Ain’t Want To” Music Video and Single “New Beginning”



We are happy to hear when an artist that’s upcoming receives big praise and recognition from those who are successful. When that happens, it speaks volumes to how good the work is. SmokeDro out of Miami, Florida has shown he takes what he does seriously. Otherwise he wouldn’t have the catalog he does this early in the game. It’s going to be a nice and fun journey for him, but he’s making waves along the way. Building a large following on both his YouTube channel and social media platforms people his fans can see his hunger. They admire it, and we’re confident enough to say that this rising artist will do really well in the genre of hip-hop.

In addition to his work ethics is the catalog of music. As it stands, right now he has over 20 singles, an EP and a full length album. That is a stacked resume in the music game! One of his most notable singles “Ain’t Want To” garnered him a lot of attention, even being reposted by Atlanta Producer “Zaytoven” on his social media. Everyone knows getting a co-sign like that is great appreciation and a milestone when you’re still upcoming. The music video is also available to watch online, also showing you need to make more than just a song if you want to reach the masses. The video is different and timeless simply because of the locations he chose. One of them being a gas station, that’s authentic to the everyday person in our society. They can relate to that and we love the fact that SmokeDro is staying down to earth in his approach to things musically and visually.

He also released a single titled “New Beginning” which will have a visual release soon for that as well. It’s a more chill laid back song, something to vibe out to. He takes a different angle to this track as well, saying lines like “I’m in my own world, I’m in my own lane” which once again people can relate to. We all have times when we feel like that. Also lines like “I love it when they say I sound like Wayne” which in a way is a great complement. If you are getting comparisons to one of the greatest rappers of all time in “Lil Wayne” that shows they already have a connection with you. SmokeDro will keep more music and visuals coming our way as we can’t wait to see what’s in store for him in the near future!

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