Cari Melodic Releases her Project “I Dedicate” and She’s Looking to Takeover Hip-Hop!



Finally! We’re getting something different from this generation of female emcees! She’s nostalgic and bringing that old feeling of the culture back to the forefront. She does not need to be flashy, glamorous or vulgar with explicit imagery to get her post across and we respect that. With Cari, it’s just strictly lyrics and dope music. Growing up in California, she’s seen and been through hardships in life. However, she uses her experiences to relate to others and show that we all face similar trials and tribulations. She’s just getting started but we feel as though she will have a long lasting career just as long as she stays true to her sound and craft.

“I Dedicate” is the first full length musical release of her career this far. It consists of 8 unique sounding tracks, all of which bring different elements and emotions. Each song tells a different story and gives a different vibe keeping the listeners engaged all throughout the project. The opening track “When We Ride” is such a smooth laid back song, something you can ride and cruise to. It features her younger sister “Lil Thugga” who’s also an upcoming artist with a strong passion. Her vocals are great and really elevates the song with high level singing. They also have a video for this particular track showing them rocking the concept of the song itself. Having a plethora or bicyclist in the video following them. Hence the “When We Ride” title, the creativity is on another level when these two come together. The project is one to remember, from the music, to the visuals down to the artwork. The artwork is something you’d see on a calendar or poster somewhere.

Cari works hard for her craft and really believes in what she does. She also isn’t afraid to go out and perform her music and flow in front of large crowds. There’s no fear in her spirits as she’ll rap anywhere, anytime and anyplace. So much that others take notice, recently one of the greatest female emcees of all time “Lady of Rage ” commented on one of her posts giving her props. When you have one of the greats giving you your props, it ignites a fire inside and gives you the fuel to keep going. A co-sign is worth mentioning and remembered for years to come. Cari is on her way up, she has singles, music videos and a classic project in “I Dedicate” that has her buzzing. It’s only up from her for the Cali native, and we’re behind her 100%.

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