iNG: Next Artist Out Of Chiraq Is Ready To Break Out

iNG is an American recording artist from Chicago known by his stage name, iNG/The
Legendary iNG. His talent reaches far beyond music. iNG can also sing, dance and act as
well. However music spoke higher volume than all other talents he has. The way he
articulates his lyrics speaks power of the human spirit and the importance of one believing in
themselves. Music allows him to express himself with no constraints. When creating a new
record he hones into his emotional state at the time and brainstorms to see if anything sparks in that moment. Or he seeks outside influence to help him figure out something that makes sense.

Right now he is focused on his most recent release which happens to be a mixtape titled “All
Gas No Brakes”. This project is now on all platforms for streaming. He also released a new
single “So High”. This song is a late night, smooth, windless night drive type of record.
Outside of his current releases the work never ends. He is now focused on a project named
“I AM LEGEND”. Be on the lookout for that release. In the meantime check out his latest
single “So High”.


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