The strength of a nation lies on the back of the individuals who step into their authority given the opportunity and M.a.c. didn’t hesitate. When it came his turn, he deployed a style that consists of “no cursing” in his lyrics & speaking on negative life experiences as “good laughs in hook form.”

With an awe inspiring stage presence and an all inclusive mindset, M.a.c. started at nine years old as a commercial actor & later joined fellow youth activists in the National Conference Of Community & Justice (NCCJ) in Charlotte, North Carolina fighting against various inequalities in his community.

It was also during this time M.a.c. was introduced to hip hop music and at that point he knew in order to deliver his message he would have to combine his love for art and uniqueness with quirky elements that would shape his knack for storytelling

“I like to pump up the volume….

I like to crank up the bass…

I heard that’s what we all do….

Feel like a punch in the face…” – M.a.c.

M.a.c. also served in the United States Army and retired decoratively having fought two combat tours and becoming a silver star recipient, amongst other accommodations.

In 2014, M.a.c. signed to Banknote Mitch’s record label known as Black Array Entertaiment. He accompanied Banknote Mitch on his label release, in 2016 on the hit singles “Lonely” & “Cerberus” which were featured on major media blogs including,, etc.

In 2019 M.a.c. K.i.l.l.a. became fully independent and founded his multimedia company HESTAR, through which he has managed and composed material for several other acts in and out of hip-hop.

M.a.c. K.i.l.l.a. joined THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLoRED PEOPLE or NAACP in 2021 and since has worked with Crisis Assistance Ministry of Meckelnburg County to effect change in his community.


With his sights set on expansion and with his music making it to the Pure Break Music Charts in Europe, South America, Asia and being featured repeatedly in hip-hop verifier Rap Genius; M.a.c. is carving his own path by putting activism into action.

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