Bestselling Author Michelle Ayon-Navajas Ready To Begin The Journey Of Fiction Writing With Her Ninth Book

Photo by: Nowelle Domingo

The fans of Bestselling Author Michelle Ayon-Navajas will see a different kind of writer as she embarks to a new writing technique for her ninth book – flash fiction.


Flash fiction embraces the techniques of prose narratives and storytelling as opposed to having a poetic sensibility. It is solid prose, and there may be moments of metaphor, abstraction, or elevated language, but ultimately, there’s a sense of a short story.


Locker, is Ayon-Navajas’s first flash fiction book which consists of fifty (50) stories that will surely get the readers hooked until the last page. Each poetic tale is a stand-alone story but as soon as you flip to next page until the last, you will realize there is more to these poetic flash fiction stories than just a simple collection of tales.


“I once dreamed of becoming a published author. It didn’t happen immediately. It happened when I was about to give up on that dream. My ninth book is another product of my dream. After conquering the world of poetry, I am determined to pursue fiction story writing,” she said.


Locker is another Ayon-Navajas’s dream unlocked.  Interestingly, the Forewords of the book will be written by people who have influenced the author greatly and pushed her to pursue a career in creative writing; Dr. Eliseo Cuevas and Alice Almendarez, who are her former College Professors in Centro Escolar University, Manila when she was studying Journalism, and Dr. Ofelia Posecion, her former Dean and mentor at the College of Arts and Science in Colegio San Agustin- Bacolod when she was teaching in the said school.


At 41, Michelle published her first poetry book and in just five years, she is the author of eight poetry books, four of which are Amazon bestsellers. She has topped various Amazon bestselling lists in categories such as Love, Inspiration and Religious Books, Body-Mind-and Spirit, Inspiration and Personal Growth Books, Poetry Books, and Books of Women Authors. Her books I Will Love You Forever Too, Oh! Dear One, and I Would Fly To Where You Are were bestsellers in India and Philippines. It Ain’t Winning If Without You topped the Amazon bestselling charts in India, Japan, and Canada. Most of her followers on social media are from India.


Aside from writing poetry books, Ayon-Navajas is a freelance creative writer, and she blogs passionately at She writes prose and poetry on love, life, motherhood, and her advocacy on abuse and violence.  Her blog recently crossed 100,000 viewers.


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