Daffie Doc’s Hot New Single “BB Amor” Has Global Star Power

BB AMOR afro-beat single, by unique singer Daffie Doc & multi-talented Sony producer and entrepreneur Youngfrenchy808, is a new sensual urban track. Both versions in English or French will give you the deep ocean vibe you need for #valentinesday. You may just want to dance it away with your beloved one and feel perfectly good about the romantic moment!  BB AMOR is an invitation to keep your couple solid and stable, despite silly arguments. If you really love each other, communicate more about what you personally need and what can then be improved, as a team. Nobody is perfect! It takes a lot of mutual understanding to make a relationship work. Why don’t you start sharing this song with them?


Daffie is absolutely honored to present this track in collaboration with top-tier Billboard talents ,such as CL Mc Coy (Jadakiss, Timbaland…) who was invited at the Grammys. Her voice and award-winning team represent the ideal hot new pop sensation in the music industry.  Her sense of style has inspired many fashion makers and promoters around the world. She loves being a model, dancer, drummer, actress ,contributing to  brands’ popularity. She is also a businesswoman, involved in different start-ups and managing product campaigns, as a marketing consultant.


Like many Daffie Doc’s songs, BB AMOR is a tribute to brave ladies with endometriosis fighting for themselves. Endosisters are strong women who don’t really need a cute romance but a supportive partner, capable of going through battles. In #2023, Daffie is proud to be the music ambassador of the non-profit organization Justice Endo in France. She greatly suffered herself from endometriosis and the condition boosted her inspiration. This has also empowered other women to open up about their struggles and handicaps. 95% of them say they got verbally or /and physically abused by medical staff. Speaking up, creating, crafting, honing their business skills, that’s what endogirls have to do to keep going ,despite the medical and financial obstacles.  They need psychological support and coaching , regarding their medical rights.


If the #NFT community want to help her cause and sponsor, please DM Daffie Doc on Instagram or Twitter, as March is the international month for #endometriosisawareness :





This year she will work on more music with Youngfrenchy (who previously worked with famous French rapper La Fouine) . She is going on the #C2LABALLE Tour as well, starting in Belgium with old school legendary hip-hop artists who boosted Booba’s career, such as La Brigade (Ziko, Kfear) and La Cliqua represented by founder Daddy Lord C . There will be Jaeyez and Lion Scot who used to perform with NTM, but also new school European rappers like AutopC from the 19th district of Paris. Daffie Doc’s style has been impacting hip-hop globally for the last years indeed. Daffie also fights for better leadership roles, as far as colored women are concerned in media, business and politics, for instance. She has had to face sexism and racism since she was born but as you can understand, nothing is too big or impossible for our favorite French singer, from Reunion Island.


Follow #daffiedoc on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok… For further details, please contact her manager Scrilltown : https://scrilltownmobusiness.com

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