Latin Artist ‘Dual2’ Bursting into the Music Scene with “Mentira Piadosa” Single & Music Video



This artist is going to be huge someday! We know that off first glance when we see his material and work. There’s some musicians who got it, and then there’s some who needs work to appeal to the masses. ‘Dual2’ out of Miami, Florida has got it all the way around. He’s got the image, swagger, music and the sound to captivate the Latin culture. On the business side, he also has a full team behind him to go through every step of the way. We love to hear a success story in music, especially in a genre where there’s so many competitors in the Latin culture. However, that doesn’t seem to phase Dual2 at all. He welcomes all challengers, as his quality single handedly makes him stand out from the pack.

His latest single titled “Mentira Piadosa” brings him one step closer to reaching his goal. To be at the top of the Latin music genre’s elite name. It already sounds as if it could be on the billboard charts. With extremely great mixing, production and effects, you can definitely share the song with all of your friends and family. It would be hard to tell the difference between knowing whether he’s a rising artist or not. The track sounds as if it’s right out of the major label’s lineup. It’s fun and catchy, bringing a new element to your car’s sound system. The lyrics flow well with the beat, with Dual2 harmonizing the vocals. The producers Bad Lenz, Big Khriz and UrbanSuiteStudio have done a really good job on this, taking his sound to the next level.

There’s also a new music video released for this as well! It’s now available on YouTube and proves once again he’s a serious talent. Looking at the visual it looks like something shot and filmed right out of a movie. It could be shown MTV, VH1 and other major Television networks right now. That’s how good of quality work it is. It’s nice, full of colors from the wall paintings of Wynwood as well as water from the Miami piers. It shows why South Florida is such a nice and chill place to live. Lots of fun and good vibes, that’s what the video brings for this song as it matches the track perfectly. He and his team did a really good job and are on the right track. Keep following him and his progress, as we look to embark on his journey of being amongst the top artists in the world!

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