Why MANY Indie Rappers DO NOT WIN…

In this article Peezy Tech Music A&R, Steve Gray gives two main reasons of why many indie rap artists DON’T WIN! With 20 plus years in the business, he has concluded that…..

1.) Many DO NOT want to INVEST in THEMSELVES. Investing in U is a MUST. These types of artists want someone else to invest their time and money. There are cost-effective ways to bring awareness to yourself online and offline. Set up a budget and invest in YOU/group and or band.

Anything worth having requires WORK. Nothing in most cases happens over night. There is more to it than sitting in front of a computer or smartphone. The artist has to promote offline as well as online. If an artist has no drive or work ethic, they shouldn’t even start! They WILL NOT WIN. This also applies to beat makers/producers and musicians. The FIRST thing that should be done before entering the game is LEARNING THE GAME, PERIOD…

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