Scott Liquori A.k.a Hands Down Is Making His Way In The Industry

Scott Liquori, a young guy from Massachusetts who is well-known as a tattoo artist and a rapper, has just made his way into the film industry. One of his nicknames is “Hands Down,” and his ascent into a new realm of possibility has earned him widespread acclaim.   In the film One Mic, starring onyx, Sticky Fingaz, and Fredro Star, Scott Liquori had a supporting but vital part.

There’s little question that Hands Down’s own creativity is on the up-and-up after featuring in “The Belair Mansion” with such luminaries as the Island Boys, Joshfromync, Mayor of DMV, Gg2foul, Bettie Gang Twins, and production tycoon Corley White aka Young Curl. If you observed him from the corner of your eye, you could still see him reach the clouds.

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