Nonchalant Sosaa Isnt Only An Artist in The Entertainment Business But, He’s Also A Brand Ambassador!

Trey Javon Francis better known as Nonchalant Sosaa is a music artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana that’s around the southern parts of the United States. He’s been around the entertainment business for quite some time, come to find out he doesn’t only make tracks but he’s also a brand ambassador! You heard right he’s making his mark all around the boards in the entertainment industry. He’s been focusing on a better way for a global audience all around the United States of America. The popular artist has been going viral with a few brand name clothing brands from another global artist such as Glo Gang a clothing brand that’s been well established by the artist Keith Farrelle Cozart better known as Chief Keef.” He’s also been doing business with “A Bathing Ape” which is a global brand that’s owned by “I.T Limited”, so we can actually say that he’s been doing pretty well the artist Nonchalant Sosaa has been working with “Rue21” and he’s been working with “H.U.F” also “Adidas” so, he’s been doing amazing with every brand he’s been working with these past few years he’s been a powerful brand ambassador, other than working with a powerful clothing brand to get his look out to the world his also been contributing his time behind the scenes in certain movies such as the walking dead as a background that’s playing a zombie roll in the walking dead which is also amazing so stay tuned on this Artist uprising through the industry.”


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