From Financial Struggle to Entrepreneurial Success: Aundre Kennedy’s Story of Credit Utilization

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Aundre Kennedy had a hardworking father who was often too busy to spend time with his family and a mother who played computer games. Kennedy never learned how to utilize credit to build wealth, but as he entered adulthood, he realized that he wanted more out of life.


Through studying successful people, Kennedy discovered the power of credit utilization and took a course on credit and business credit. This was a game-changer for him, as he learned how to access bank money and leverage it for his benefit. Today, Kennedy is a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor, owning three businesses and a Tesla Model S p85. He has helped hundreds of people change their lives through his program, which teaches individuals how to use credit effectively to build generational wealth.



The program teaches students how to repair their credit, obtain funding, and build an asset portfolio. Kennedy emphasizes the importance of understanding credit and using it for leverage. He provides students with step-by-step guidance on which lenders, banks, and financial institutions to access for the best results. Through his program, students can access funding needed to build their asset portfolio.

Kennedy’s program includes a community of entrepreneurs, one-on-one mentorship coaching, weekly zoom meetings with the team, and access to networking events. Students have been able to use the funds they obtain through the program to start their own businesses, invest in real estate, and build wealth for their families.

Kennedy invites anyone struggling with their finances to join his program and become a member of his team. For a limited time, new members can get started for just $49.99 and have the opportunity to make an additional stream of income by referring new members to the program.

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