Rapper Entrepreneur NEMO P Recording His New Studio Album

Born and raised in New York City The 29 year old Rap Star “Nemo P” is the epitome of resilient, hardworking, and talented. After earning his freedom in connection to conspiracy charges and surviving a life threatening incident – Nemo put his full focus on his rap career. He and his brother started the label Most Prolific Records LLC, and dropped his debut project “Scammy Sosa” which featured records like “Aura” & “1-888-piffy”. Bringing him a surefire buzz on the NYC Scene while building a cult fan base “The Piffys” might i add they stand ten toes with him!

“Nemo P” brings different types of vibes when it comes to his music. Wether it’s talking to the ladies with hits like “Ohh Ahh” or something like “Synergy”. He could also switch it and go to a more angry drillmatic flow like “Sicc em” Or “Wocky”. Not only that he gives you an intricate listen behind the music with skits Like “4am in ct” or “Linden Blvd”. But now he is back with his new album “Internal Affairs” describing the highs and lows of his new found success. He’s coming with new vibes like “Shake It (Megan)” that you wouldn’t expect. Still talking to the ladies with songs like “Flashbacks”. Telling you how he fell with songs like “Low”. This type of vibes is what make “Nemo P” the unique artist he is.

Besides the rap side of things Nemo has gone on to give other people that he knew and cared about opportunities to better their music careers and all together their lives. Publishing over 100 songs Nemo P and his brother “CEO Jiffy” also signed other artists to “Most Prolific Records LLC”. The main goal Is looking to expand the brand into different avenues. Yes,while “Nemo P” is a beast, high energy and overall immaculate performer. He holds himself to a standard of being a serious and professional businessman. More than excited for his next album! “Internal Affairs”.

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