Johnny King the Producer

Born on December 29, 1977 under his first name Juan M. Rivera Torres in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. He lived much of his life in Cabo Rojo, PR. This young man excelled in sports such as baseball, softball, basketball, boxing and kickboxing from his youth also raised among his family of musicians. Having studied in the public schools of Cabo Rojo and finishing his high school phase in the beautiful town of Añasco in 1996. Where he first took music classes where he learned to play percussion.

However his passion for sports kept him away from music. Having started practicing the entertainment sport of wrestling since 2002 and having his first opportunity in the independent wrestling circuit in Puerto Rico in July 2003 in a wrestling event held at the Rebakeh Colberg Coliseum in Cabo Rojo in a XWE company event under the promotion of Jerry Perez called Tonga Samu Memorial Cup where he made his first appearance in the pitched battle.

Thus carrying his legacy in wrestling. Helping fighters who were starting out who today went far. Likewise, ending his career as a professional wrestler in 2012 when he suffered an accident while training, thus injuring the upper part of his spine due to an unwelcome fall. This led him to a great depression for not having recovered and giving up what he was passionate about.

I’m 2013, he was congregating in a MI Pentecostal church in his town of Cabo Rojo, where he met his wife Lily Roman Perez for the first time, having married in July of that year. In 2017, Johnny had the initiative to form a wrestling company called XDWF, Inc on the independent circuit in Kansas, USA. Having no luck given the discrimination on the part of several people linked to the sport and the group pressure that they influenced. Thus moving in 2019 to take his product and idea to the Mexico / USA El Paso, Tx Border. Where he had 2 performances due to the unfortunate Covid 19 pandemic.

In 2020, Johnny discovered that his son/nephew Fino El Jibarito had the talent to sing the urban genre and decided after months of research he decided to go study at the production school and Djs Noise Academy in Bayamon, PR. Thus beginning to register as a business what is now his record label FinoKing Records.

Thus producing several instrumental songs for various wrestlers who collaborated with him while he was running the XDWF, Inc. Thus knowing and currently working with unrecognized international artists such as Fino El Jibarito, Sam Drezloz, and many more, recently allying with the radio show A Lo Under and opening his own online radio station called FinoKing Radio in order to showcase rising artists.

Last year he received the unfortunate news that his physique is beginning to suffer degenerative damage to the joints, neck and spine. Having to undergo physical therapy and in the same way having to stop doing his work outside of his record label to receive medical and physical care.

Johnny King is the producer who mastered the HIT singles Loyals In My Life Ares Ft Forestime.

Johnny King is also the Producer of the songs Provocame Mujer Remix with the singer Niuyorican from No Fear Family by DJ Dicky, the song Sigues en mi mente by Jhay Klaus and other songs.

He’s also the person in charge of the productions La Clave (FinoKing Records Edition) and La Clave Remix.

To end this biography, I want to first express my gratitude to God for allowing me to live and work with what I was born and raised and carry in my blood, music. I understand that this is a competitive industry as wrestling is. But, I enjoy this walk because you meet new people, from other countries who have spectacular talent and you feel better when those people you helped achieve success. Even when they go far and forget who helped them.

Where can we find him:

You can find him on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

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