“Vellz Piffy” Drops New Single

Born and raised in Brooklyn “Vellz Piffy” is the epitome of “Brooklyn” from a young age soaking everything around him in his environment and then learn to project it the public’s ears always being a people person and having a reputation amongst his peers he’s influenced many sounds from his Brooklyn neighborhood.

Animated, charismatic, and direct are only a few characteristics to define the “most prolific records” energetic artist “Vellz Piffy”. The 29-year-old Brooklyn native exudes confidence while showing off his various flows and comfortably bouncing off beats. He tells his story in his 2020 project “the road runner” which managed to accumulate over 250 thousand streams (via Spotify) with a deluxe version showing he has something people want to hear his latest project “cocaine cowboys” – an intro into his “wild wild west” perception of life the energy given on this project has done nothing but helped him make more a name for himself in the streets of Nyc.

Currently he’s in preparation for his next studio project. “7893” to show he’s heating up the fans get two new singles they’ve been patiently waiting for “Yeezy & skyz the limit featuring his labelmates “Nemo p” & “Mikemic” other sounds from the project have been teased via social media getting an electric response from listeners with such a unique sound for the inner city of New York he leaves you questioning what’s next on the beat a certified star on the microphone!

Facebook: Vellz Piffy
Instagram: IamVellzPiffy_
Twitter: VellzPiffy

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