Negocio Hispano: The New Platform for Latino Business Owners in the US

The Latino community is a vital part of the United States, and many businesses are owned by Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs who serve their local communities. However, these microbusinesses often have limited knowledge, time, and budget for online marketing efforts, websites, and social media. To solve this problem, a brand new platform called has been launched, which aims to improve Latino businesses’ SEO positioning and lead-generation efforts in the US. is the only US-based business directory dedicated to the Spanish-speaking community in the country. Here, Hispanic businesses of any kind can create and personalize their own business listing, improve their online presence, and climb the search engine rankings. Members can choose from three different membership options: Free, Gold, and Platinum, to gain access to leads that are looking for businesses like them in their area. The mission of is to increase their clients’ visibility and revenue opportunities.

To reward early adopters, all founding members who sign up within the first 90 days will enjoy a lifetime discount of 25% off with code SAVE25. The platform aims to offer increased visibility, generate qualified leads for businesses, and purchase media advertising at wholesale rates – “much like a big box discount club like Costco or Sam’s,” according to Oscar Platone, founder and owner of New Era Vista, LLC, a digital media company based on the Gulf Coast.

“I have been obsessed with business directories since I was in college,” says Platone. “If you are a business with a limited budget for marketing, these are probably the best bang for your buck.” A small fixed monthly cost can bring in visibility, leads, and opportunities to network with other like-minded individuals. The directory has been online for less than a week and has already garnered attention from local organizations and businesses around the country, proving that the Spanish-speaking market in the US is an extremely large niche with plenty of purchasing power.

While still looking for sponsors, the platform is backed by a media investment group and has long-term plans. With millions of Hispanic businesses in the country, there is no shortage of opportunities. is an excellent way for Spanish-speaking businesses to increase their visibility and attract more customers, and it is a platform that they should not overlook.

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