The Passion and Authenticity of 22Tango’s Music

Music is a powerful medium that can move people in ways that words alone cannot. And that’s exactly what 22Tango’s music does. He writes from his own experiences and emotions, and that makes his music relatable and authentic. He doesn’t try to imitate anyone else or rap about things he doesn’t have or experiences he hasn’t had. He’s honest and passionate, and that’s what makes his music stand out.

What’s interesting about 22Tango is that he doesn’t write lyrics to a beat. He writes them like he’s still that 3rd grader writing poetry. He picks a beat later and makes it fit, sometimes restructuring some things, adding some words, or taking some out. He believes that his emotions should guide his music, not the other way around.

Another thing that sets 22Tango apart is his ability to move people. He’s a gifted lyricist and can relate to people. He understands how to get through to people, a skill that came in handy in sales and in music. He’s also empathetic and can connect with people on a deep level. His music is emotional, real, and powerful. He’s been called to service and has gone through combat, but he’s still pursuing his passion for music. He’s a testament to the fact that no matter what challenges you face in life, you can still pursue your dreams.

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