The Story Behind Partyat4

The name Partyat4 is more than just a catchy title for an artist. It has a personal meaning for Partyat4, which originated during his time in Minnesota. While working as a CNA, he and his friend C flo would often stay up late partying or smoking. It was during one of these nights that they came up with the name for his project.

The name Partyat4 represents a moment in time when Partyat4 was pursuing his passion for music while still working a day job. The number 4 signifies the early morning hours when they would party, smoke, and create music. It is a reminder of his journey and the hard work he put in to achieve his dream.

Today, Partyat4 is proud of the name and the success he has achieved under it. His unique sound and storytelling abilities have earned him a place in the Atlanta music scene, and his fans continue to support him as he progresses in his career.

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