Atlanta’s Rising Star: The Inspiring Journey of Puerto Reefa

Puerto Reefa’s journey as a hip hop artist has been anything but conventional. His life experiences, as well as his passion for music, have brought him to the point where he is today. However, his career as a musician almost never came to be if it were not for a chance meeting with Tra Porter, the Co CEO of Atlanta-based recording label CVE The Label.

It was at a family member’s wedding where the two crossed paths. They connected immediately, and Porter’s encouragement sparked the flames in Puerto Reefa to complete his EP and put his pains and feelings into tracks. Puerto Reefa’s upcoming single, PME “Protecting My Energy,” which is due out on March 10th, is a testament to how that chance meeting changed the course of his career.

Puerto Reefa’s willingness to share his personal experiences with his audience through his music is what sets him apart. His passion for music is evident in his lyrics, which are both catchy and powerful. PME is a song that speaks to everyone who has ever experienced pain, frustration, and disappointment in their lives. It is an anthem for anyone looking to take back control of their lives and to protect their energy from negative influences.


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