Alfonso Cuarón and the Dynasty of Children Who Have Inherited His Talent: Jonás, Olmo and Tess Bu

Nothing makes a father prouder than watching his children be successful, and even more of he can pass on to them knowledge, talent and creativity.

Alfonso Cuarón, renowned filmmaker, has passed on his cinematographic vein to his three children Jonas, Tess Bu and Olmo Cuarón who have grown to become young artists of the big screen and are currently standing out, although each one of them pursuing their own interests.

Jonás is a renowned screenwriter and film producer, he has had several outstanding films and is slowly making a name for himself in films.

Tess Bu is only 19 years old; however, she has trained professionally in music and has contributed with some work in her father’s films. It is quite probable that she will continue growing and developing in this area, where she has shown to an overflowing amount of talent and enthusiasm.

Olmo Cuarón is even younger, but his talent is enormous. He has already shown some of his work in animation in his YouTube channel, and this is an area that he has said he would like to work in professionally.

Olmo Cuarón is also well known for his peculiar sense of humour and enviable genius that are necessary for someone who will be in the world of film and to succeed in it.

There is no question that all three of them, Jonás, Tess and Olmo Cuarón grew up in their father’s film sets which influenced them to also be part of this same sector or of creative areas, and they were also close to other great personalities such as Guillermo del Toro who is a close family friend.

Many people say that having famous parents can be difficult due to the ongoing public exposure; however, in the case of Alfonso Cuarón’s children, it seems they inherited all of their father’s success and are slowly making their own path in the world of film, although each one of their talents and capabilities are a result of working hard on them throughout the years.

Olmo Cuarón is the youngest, but soon enough we will likely see him directing and producing his first professional animations and will be supported by the very same Alfonso.

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