Behind the Scenes with AMS Enterprise CEO Alvin Mays: A Day in the Life of a Multi-Industry Entrepreneur

Alvin Mays is the CEO of AMS Enterprise and a true hustler. He has multiple companies under his belt, including those in the real estate, childcare, event space, touring, and investment industries. His day starts at 5:30 in the morning and he spends it talking to accountants, lawyers, and multiple artists. He grinds hard, prioritizes his work and is transparent about the costs of marketing, which he sees as necessary for success.

Alvin tries to take campaigns that can afford to move forward as they can open doors for smaller artists who can’t. He knows that the lane to get into the industry is small, so he creates a way for smaller artists to gain exposure through the larger campaigns he takes on. Alvin is not averse to working with people and does not turn down artists. He tries to take advantage of opportunities, create relationships, and create lanes to make room for others. His concerts are an excellent opportunity to create relationships, and he takes advantage of them to network and bring in talent.

Alvin has been a fan of artist Peezy for seven years and has recently had the opportunity to work with him, even when the world did not know of him. Alvin knows who is spending the money and pays attention to the movement of artists. He sees opportunities, creates relationships, and helps artists achieve their goals. He moves around and rides the wave of success, including in Baton Rouge, where he loves to bring in talent and network with people in the city. He knows that creating a relationship, in the beginning, is better than waiting until someone is on the other side.

Many artists think that rap is easier now, but Alvin knows that strong campaigns are still necessary. He sees that some people have strong campaigns, but many artists believe that it does not cost as much as it did before. Alvin knows that it does cost money to campaign, but he tries to be transparent about what it takes to succeed. He believes that being transparent with his clients is essential to building long-term relationships with them.

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