Miami Rapper ‘LV JAY’ Releases Mixtape titled “Category Jay”

In life there’s a saying, “If you work hard, you will become successful” and that’s nothing short of the truth. However, there’s only a small percentage of the human population willing to put in the work required to be at the top of their profession. This artist out of Miami, Florida is willing to do whatever it takes to be at the top of the rap game. LV Jay is one of the rare versatile musicians who takes his time to perfect his craft in the rap genre. Let’s be honest there’s plenty of new emerging artists every single day, but how many of them do you remember? How many of them actually stand out from the pack? LV Jay knows what it means to be different yet diversify your market and appeal to the audience. With his gold teeth, hats and goatee, it personalities the Miami look. He talks about the struggles and things he’s seen and experienced in his lifetime thus far. Only making him even more authentic for people to catch on and grasp his story through his music.

That kicks off this year by releasing his highly anticipated Mixtape titled “Category Jay”. a creative name due to South Florida being notorious for its weather and rainy climate during the hurricane season. He’s letting everyone know, he’s about to “take the game by storm”. The project has a total of 10 songs from various producers and featuring a few Miami native artists as well such as DLee and Yung JD. It’s one thing to make one song, it’s another thing to create an entire project. This is because of the difficulty it is keeping fans entertained through a full listen. For 21 minutes, you can hear Jay showcase his lyrics, delivery and harmonic flows proving why he feels he deserves to be amongst the elites of hip-hop. We are excited to hear what else he has in store for the game in the near future.


He will continue to further improve, add to his resume and wow fans with projects the same way he’s done with this Mixtape!



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