London-Based Lyricist And Engineer Lil Murky’s Latest Creation, “Tales Of A Loner” – EP Is Now On All Streaming Platforms

Lil Murky has just released his first EP, “Tales of a Loner.” The 19-year-old melodic rapper from London is taking the music world by storm with his deep lyrics. The EP is accessible on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

About Tales of a Loner EP
“Tales of a Loner” was released in 2023. This EP features six songs with lyrics examining human emotions’ complexities. Lil’s sultry vocals and the multi-layered orchestration give a complex soundscape that captures the listeners’ attention from the beginning. The songs are smooth and with slow tempos.
The EP has tracks such as “Hide Away,” “Lonely Road,” “Party Alone,” and “Lost My Mind.” With the first track being “Lonely Road,” Lil sets the tone for this EP with addictive hip-hop beats and a strong British accent as he raps.

About Lil Murky
Lil Murky is a London-based artist who is capturing the attention of his fans with his music. The artist has earned a reputation for himself in the music industry for his distinctive blend of hard-hitting beats and emotional lyrics despite being only 19 years old. With music that appeals to fans of Tripple Redd, Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION, Kid Laroi, and PoloG, Lil Murky is establishing himself as one of the fastest-rising musicians today.

Early Life
Lil Murky grew up in southeast London with his parents, and his father’s excessive drinking characterized his childhood. As a result, Lil could not reach his full potential and often used music to escape his troubled family life. With artists such as Juice WRLD helping him cope during those difficult times, Murky was inspired to compose music with the themes of overthinking, sleep paralysis, depression, and anxiety. This led him to write music that is not just a representation of his emotions but also a way of helping others experiencing similar difficulties.

Lil Murky started writing music at the age of 8, and he continued mastering his skills throughout his school years. His father introduced him to artists such as Lil Wayne, the Beatles, and Eminem during that time. Murky then learned to play Violin, Piano, Guitar, trumpet, record, and other instruments.
In 2020, Murky began making music professionally, then released his first debut EP, “Tales of a Loner,” in 2023, which is gaining popularity among fans and critics. This EP showcases Lil’s unique blend of genres which range from hip-hop, acoustic, trap, and punk. The artist’s loyal fanbase is praising him for his songs that have a profound message and show his vulnerability and honesty.

Murky explores the depths of human emotions in a relatable and raw way with his Latest EP, “Tales of a Loner,” which contain 6 songs. However, his songs go beyond catchy beats and clever lyrics.
Lil’s tracks express what it is to be human and express themes of loneliness and sorrow that relate to his listeners. His songs are a comfort to those feeling lost and alone. Lil’s music confronts the harsh realities of life, from mental health issues to social injustice. However, despite the topic’s weight, he finds ways to find hope in the darkness through his music.

Lil’s debut shows his artistry and solidifies his place as a musician. He has also been praised for his powerful lyrics and unique sounds by his fans on major platforms.

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