Chicano Spotlight: Interview W The Inland Empire’s Largest Comedy Show “The FG Camp Show”

1.) Q: What Inspired You Both To Create A YouTube Show?

A: “A lot of associates and our celebrity friends kept telling us “you guys are too funny…you need your own show”. We never believed it though, until one day, we actually tried it. Next thing you know, we went viral on a few different platforms.”

2.) Q: Being Chicanos, Do You Both Feel It’s Harder to Gain Attention On A Mainstream Level?

A: “No, we feel that funny is funny…no matter what race you are. A laugh is a laugh, a joke is a joke. If anything, being Latin actually helps us. We’re in an age nowadays where minorities are moving up more and were proud of that”.

3.) Q: What’s The Collaborative Vision For The Next 5 Years?

A: “To go harder and faster. At this point, we’re on demon time and it’s only up from here.”

4.) Q: In Both Your Opinions, What Do You Feel The Comedy Scene Is Missing?

A: it’s missing King Tito and Dirty Dell. Sometimes it may not be what you want to hear but it’s the truth, Well it’s our truths. we laugh at absolutely everything, we believe comedy is universal for all races/cultures.

5.) Q: Did you guys have any upcoming collaboration’s or projects in the works? ….

A: Yes, we have several big projects like the devils playground and several really funny skits. We’re not gonna tell you guys everything, but like I said we’re going crazy consistently and it’s not stopping.

6.) Q: Any last words for your fan’s and supporter’s? ……

A: Yes, love us for our good and love us for our bad. We’re only human, King Tito and Dirty Dell are a reflection of us all in some way, shape, or form. All we want is to love and embrace life. Even if you think we’re vulgar or too much, realize where our hearts are really at. We do this strictly for a good time for everyone, included us. For everyone at home bored, for everyone who just wants to laugh for no reason, for people in a bad mood who need to be happy, for people who just want to laugh at something for no reason. The world needs more of us, let’s keep rocking out.”

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