The Magnificent Madame Ashley

When you look at the landscape of todays female rap scene you come across so many of the same styles. I am not one to throw shade but there is just too many ladies out here trying to talk about the same exact things, and too many trying to be like one another. Thats the thing that stands out a lot to me about Madame Ashley, she is always true to herself and actually given a message in her music. Her song “Invested” might be a rap trap song but it also sends a true message that so many artist let go over their heads. Invested in yourself is extremely vital in becoming anything in this world let alone in the music scene. You can tell how she is rapping that she means what she is saying.

She talks about money, her kids, investing in herself, and family. Not only does she does it rapping but she also has a quite interesting singing melody in the track nearing towards the end. I love the versatility and the approach on this record.

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