Love Lessons From Luv Docta

Romantic love is one of the most popular themes in artworks throughout history, appearing in songs, poems, books, and films. When was the last time you heard a love song that you really resonated with? Well, you haven’t heard the hits from Luv Docta. Luv Docta is a musician who understands how to compliment his music with his brand. From the many themes of love, relationships and the intensity of the subject, Luv Docta isn’t shy when it comes to creating a remedy for those who are craving that sensual energy in their daily life. Music is a frequency, and Shondell Coleman, AKA Luv Docta knows how to treat your lovesick symptoms with high vibrational frequencies of love.
With songs such as Great Sex, LCA, Escape, Ebony, and Hood Romantic, you are sure to find the right antidote for your love wishes. At a young age, Luv was inspired by iconic stars like Michael Jackson and Prince, who also dedicated a variety of their catalog and branding to the emotion of love, and idealizing how good it feels to vibrate from a place of love from within.
Implementing a very unique style, Luv has experimented with his lyrics and branding, which can be seen for songs such as “Ebony”. Luv is seen playing an acoustic guitar, serenading a woman who he desires, with a confession. The lyrics express, “Say you wanna thug (thug) with some luv and that’s facts (facts), I can give you all the luv you ever had (ever had). Do you ever dream of mad Luv, Ebony? (Luv). Tell me, can I make it better, Ebony? (make it better)”. Passion is an emotion that Luv is not shy of, in fact, he shares such strong levels of emotional vulnerability within his music, the subjects, lyrics and the creative direction of his brand, which honestly speaks volumes.

When it comes to music, Luv has always used sensuality to exemplify the raw emotion of his catalog. Projects such as Luv Affairz, and Let Us Vibe have taken his style to new heights, reaching the audience in ways of more explicit delivery. Luv Docta can easily quench your need for music that deals with love, relationships, daily life, getting through suffering and problems, or simply giving you extra to get you rolling. This multifaceted R&B, Trap artist provides a wide range of thrilling music.

The Luv Docta is now in session.

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