Christina Milian Gives Rising Star Hakeem Prime an Exciting Shout-Out on Instagram

Christina Milian gives a big shout out to Hakeem Prime after finding his song love rants on a playlist she listens too

Today is May 15th. One underground artist rises above the few reaching the likes of Pop Singer and STARZ Actress Christina Milian of Step Up Tv Series. Who are we talking about? None other than Hakeem Prime. He actually meet with Nick Cannon not a few weeks ago aswell.

After finding his song on one of her favorite playlist she expressed in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Hakeem Prime Love Rants is my new jam who is this boy beautiful voice” days before this Hakeem Prime celebrated this release for reaching over 1M streams with yet another song of his independently. Posting a thanks on Twitter.

The unexpected endorsement from such a prominent figure in the music industry has left fans buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

Hakeem Prime, known for his soulful vocals and captivating music, caught the attention of Christina Milian with his undeniable talent and remarkable artistry. Impressed by his unique style and heartfelt lyrics, Christina Milian felt compelled to share her admiration for Hakeem’s work with her legion of followers on Instagram.

In her Instagram story, Christina Milian wrote, “Just stumbled upon this gem and had to share! Loving the soulful vibes and authentic talent of @HakeemPrime. Keep shining, brother! #Music #Talent #SoulfulSounds.” Accompanying her kind words was a snippet of one of Hakeem’s captivating tracks, showcasing his remarkable vocals and artistic vision.

The unexpected shout-out from Christina Milian has not only brought Hakeem Prime into the spotlight but also piqued the curiosity of music enthusiasts and industry insiders who are now eager to discover more about this emerging artist. With Christina Milian’s seal of approval, Hakeem Prime’s career is poised to soar to new heights, garnering attention from a wider audience and attracting potential collaborations and opportunities.

Hakeem Prime expressed his gratitude and excitement upon learning of Christina Milian’s endorsement, stating, “I am truly honored and humbled by Christina Milian’s shout-out. It’s a surreal moment to receive recognition from such a talented and respected artist. I’m grateful for her support, and I can’t wait to continue sharing my music with the world.”

As news of Christina Milian’s shout-out spreads, fans and music enthusiasts are eagerly delving into Hakeem Prime’s discography, immersing themselves in his soulful sound and heartfelt lyrics. The endorsement serves as a testament to Hakeem Prime’s exceptional talent and sets the stage for his promising future in the music industry. his music video dropped today for the song

Follow (@HakeemPrime) and stay tuned for updates on his upcoming releases and exciting developments. To listen to his music and learn more about his artistry.

Hakeem Prime is an emerging artist renowned for his soulful vocals and captivating music. Hakeem Prime has been making waves in the music industry, garnering attention for his remarkable talent & authenticity. His music resonates with listeners, offering a blend of soulful sounds and meaningful storytelling.

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