Nkosi Bourne shares reflective visual for “Final Form”

Brooklyn artist Nkosi Bourne has shared a new visual for his song “Final Form”. A conscious rapper with the melodic skills needed to reach a mainstream audience, Nkosi Bourne blends the sounds of classic hip-hop with his Afro-Caribbean heritage to create a powerful, emotive style. The Brooklyn-based rapper has been honing his craft in private for years, but now he is ready to emerge on the scene and make his presence felt. His recent song “Final Form” has now been given a refreshing new video which captures the song’s down-to-earth, reflective feel with meditative, warm shots that show him in his element in his hometown of Brooklyn.

“Final Form” is a potent release that is soulful in sound and personal in content, making it easy for the listener to relate to Bourne through his vivid verses. The production and vocals give the song a subtle sense of nostalgia, while also keeping things refreshing. The visual finds him showing raw, natural shots of Brooklyn and capturing its feel, adding to the song’s distinctly East Coast style and flavor.

Bourne’s latest visual for “Final Form” marks another focused, emotive release from him. Give it a watch below and be sure to connect with Nkosi Bourne on social media platforms for more.

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