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Hakeem Prime Revals A New Project Coming in July ‘Reclaimed 2’

Hakeem Prime – Reclaimed 2

Today Is Friday June 23rd. A few days ago Hakeem Prime released a picture on facebook to a new mixtape just after he released his highly anticipated “DeTOUR 2” that has reached over 5M+ Streams. Hakeem dropped Reclaimed 1 back in 2022. We reported on his features with Ice Spice, Lamb040e that wenr well for the tape and hakeems talents.

I good to see the once undergrown artist Hakeem Prime still pushing out music we predict this tape willl just be released on soundcloud youtube and audiomack not platforms. below he released two songs from this tape. zthe songs sound likr his undergrown days which is nestalgic to say the least. plus hes gone viral with tracks in this setting numbers of times before so we can’t wait for a track list at least.

Introducing Hakeem Prime’s highly anticipated new mixtape, ‘Reclaimed 2,’ a nostalgic journey into a unique and distinct musical style that has resonated deeply with listeners. While some may perceive his music as having low production quality, it is precisely this rawness and authenticity that has garnered Hakeem Prime a dedicated fan base. His ability to evoke nostalgia and tap into a specific sound has proven to be immensely successful, as demonstrated by his previous song amassing over 2 million streams on various platforms. ‘Reclaimed 2’ promises to deliver that same nostalgic charm that fans have come to love, transporting listeners to a familiar sonic landscape that tugs at the heartstrings. Embrace the allure of Hakeem Prime’s evocative style and join the anticipation for ‘Reclaimed 2’ as he continues to carve his unique path in the music industry.

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