Luv Is In The Air

Shondell Coleman, also known as Luv Docta is a multi-talented artist from the city of Chicago, working as a trap soul artist, performer, actor, author and speaker. A songwriter possessing a kind and compassionate nature, such as the Luv Docta, has accumulated years worth of insight concerning the intricacies of our daily existence and matters of the heart. Luv Docta has mastered creating interpersonal connections and bonds. On May 5, he showcased his latest single, “FREAK” featuring YBG Tsunami. On June 2, the two released a visual for the song, captured by Kwatts Production, which is centered around more summery, tropical and freeing vibrations. The visual focuses on the two artists partying with stunning women, whilst using fun themes like water guns and scenes of the models dancing together.

“FREAK” is a chart topper for the summer, with plenty of feel good emotions. The Luv Docta brings a unique twist to the music industry by creating songs that are different from the typical use of intimacy and sexual desires that abound in the industry. “I put my hand up on her thigh (thigh), I hit that hole just like a blitz. They showing luv cause I’m that guy, I got the coldest energy. These not so big no mini mees, don’t want no problems I need my peace,” “Trappin’ like I got no care (no care), taking flights out from O’Hare (O’Hare), fuck it. I’m just everywhere (where), VVS let’s make it clear (let’s go). Baby get right, no cap in that (yea), Lil mama greedy tryna get the tax (taxing), but I ain’t wit all that,” throughout the song, the duo flaunt their sexual dominance and financial abundance. Few songs have achieved such a captivating blend of illicitness and sensuality as this one.

Take a listen for yourself, the musical collaboration between Luv Docta and YBG Tsunami, known as “Freak,” is currently available on several streaming platforms for listeners to enjoy.

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