Ania Hoo shines on new release “Dreams/ Truth Is…”

Ania Hoo has shared a new release, titled “Dreams/ Truth Is…”. Jamaican-American artist Ania Hoo navigates a colorful, eclectic, and vibrant universe through her music. Inspired by artists such as Marvin Gaye and Teena Marie, she strives for her music to emulate the purest of emotions. Taking us away from the modern world and its endless need for consumption, we see Hoo opening us up to her vision that is focused on creating with integrity and intention. A world where music gives space to the collective to not only want to feel good, but to demand to be loved properly. Her latest offering is the smooth, soulful 2-pack “Dreams/ Truth Is…” which draws influences from an eclectic spectrum of influences for a truly diverse, engaging release.

“Dreams” kicks off the 2-pack with an immersive, atmospheric song that draws from R&B, house, and more. With smooth, liquid melodies based around sleek keys and underscored by a buoyant rhythm section, “Dreams” takes on a unique character, enhanced by Hoo’s potent vocals. Then, “Truth Is…” continues to build a character-rich listening experience with its vibrant keys, infectious percussion, and rich bass. Hoo shines as a vocalist on “Truth Is…” with her elegant, laid-back presence and focused melodies.

Take a listen to Ania Hoo’s latest “Dreams/ Truth Is…” below and further familiarize yourself with this rising artist. 

Watch the music video for “Truth Is…” here:


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