Osi Releases New EP Titled “Afgun”

Osi, an Afghan woman representing international women around the world, has made waves in the music industry with her talent and passion. As a visible minority, she has faced unique challenges in her journey to success. However, her determination and hard work have allowed her to pave the way for other like minded aspiring young female entrepreneurs.

With a Bachelor of Commerce (Hon) Degree, Osi’s education extends beyond music. She is well-versed in the fields of art and fashion, which has greatly influenced her creativity. She hopes to use her knowledge and experiences to inspire others in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Osi is a multitalented artist. She is a female rapper, lyricist, composer, singer, dancer, actor, and producer. Her versatility allows her to create music that resonates with a wide audience. Currently, she is working on her second mixtape titled ‘Afgun’.

‘Afgun’ is an EP that offers a glimpse into the world through Osi’s lens as a young woman in her twenties. It explores themes of love, heartbreak, addiction, and the struggles of being unable to be with the one she loves. The EP reflects her personal journey and the emotions she experienced during that time. Through her music, Osi aims to connect with listeners and convey the intensity of her feelings.

Despite facing challenges in the music industry, Osi has achieved notable success. She released her first mixtape titled ‘Self-Worth’ in 2019, which garnered positive attention. She has also opened for renowned artists such as Zoey Dollaz and RockaFella Freeway. In addition, she has been recognized for her songwriting skills and was nominated for ‘Songwriter of the Year’ at the Canadian Urban Television Hip hop Award Show in 2017.

Osi’s journey has taught her the importance of networking and building a strong brand. She has invested her own time and resources to establish herself as an independent artist. By collaborating with individuals in the hip-hop scene globally, she aims to expand her reach and become a respected professional in the entertainment industry.

With extensive knowledge in music production and recording, Osi works out of her own in-house studio and other studios in Toronto. She is well-connected within the industry, collaborating with a network of artists and producers. Osi takes a hands-on approach to her career, managing her online presence, creating her own website, and developing short-term and long-term plans for her music.

Beyond her own success, Osi believes in giving back to the community. She inspires other artists, fosters creativity, and promotes positive energy. She is a hardworking woman who is passionate, genuine, diplomatic, and empathetic.

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