Trials and Tribulations with Jimmy Yitty explains the real meaning of, “Goin’ Thru Hell”

1.What first got you into music?
My up bringing and life experiences made me want to tell my story through music and seeing people I wouldnt expect that wanted to hear my stories pushed me to keep creating and mastering my craft

2.Who inspired you to make music?
My initial inspirations came from artists like Nas, Mobb Deep, Big L, Kool G Rap, Wu-tang and as time went on artists like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, School Boy Q and Playboy Carti played a major factor in my creative process

3.How would you describe the music that you typically create?
I dont really like putting labels on my “genre” of music, I feel like I can create music that appeals to many different audiences from Rap, Pop, Singing and you will even hear Rock elements in my music as well. Ive been told that I will give my fans a sense of calm to energetic records that can get you moving.

4.What is your creative process like?
I wouldn’t really say I have a concrete process when it comes to creating music, I like to go off pure emotion I feel thats when the best comes out of me creatively

5.Who would you most like to collaborate with?
I mean who wouldn’t like to collaborate with Drake, being from the same city and sharing some common ground but he’s super versitaile and can jump on any record and make a hit, I feel we share the same skill set

6.If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?
I would say Kanye West for sure the way he curates his shows is genius

7.What is one message you would give to your fans?
We all go through hardships in life I can say there were times where I could have given up, but im thankful that I had great people come into my live and motivated me to keep working towards my dreams. The Devil is a lie!

8.Do you sing in the shower? What songs?
If I do I sing in the shower its some oldies from artists like Wille Hutch, Teddy Pendergrass and Marvin Gay

9.Where have you performed?
Do you have any upcoming shows?
I have performed quite a bit in my career in 2015 I did 103 shows throughout Canada, Most recently ive performed in New York and Atlanta with artists like Tony Shhnow and Popstar Benny. Im actually performing today at Scratch Bastid’s BBQ show in Toronto with Juno award winning artists Tona, Tobi and my good friend The Kount

10.How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?
The internet has its pros and cons in the music industry the pros being that getting music out and being able to
specifically target fan bases to grow my own, the cons would be its made the industry a popularity contest there are
many talented artists that may be overlooked because of social media followers etc

11.What is your favorite song to perform?
Definitely Bleach its a very energetic record and many people love to quote the “Just like Maury that was a lie” bar,
the crowd turns up when they hear the record for sure

12.What’s next for you?
My album “It Feels Like Hell” drops september. Me and my team at SodaMoneyRecords have been putting alot of
work into our merch and working on shows across the world.

13.Where can the fans follow you on social media? Instagram: sodamoney.yitty
Twitter or newly named X: sodamoney_yitty Youtube: SodaMoneyRecords
Tik Tok: sodamoney.yitty

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