dietrich. delivers engaging song “hollywood”

dietrich. has shared a new song, titled “hollywood”. This fresh single caught our attention for its heartfelt content and delivery- paired with a diverse blend of instrumentation drawing from alt-rock, emo, indie, alt-pop, and more. On “hollywood”, dietrich. is admirably unafraid to be personal, detailing his struggles with substance abuse and mental health. The song is relatable and potent, with dietrich. displaying his ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level with “hollywood”.

Sonically, “hollywood” is a mixture of stripped-back, raw sounds and electronic, plugged-in elements. The track opens with melancholic acoustic guitars that introduce dietrich.’s emotive vocal delivery, before he builds the track into a powerful hook underscored by sheets of electric guitars and a raucous rhythm section. It’s a poignant blend of sounds that makes “hollywood” a character-rich and highly replayable song. 

Discussing “hollywood”, dietrich. says “writing “hollywood” was my first time being honest in a song. Ironically, it was the easiest to write. This is my darkest, most terrifying story I’ve ever had to tell. I started to write “hollywood” almost immediately after waking up one morning in August, 2021. I went to rehab that September. I’d belt out the lyrics in this music room, over this old Fender acoustic they had. I got sober an was able to bring myself to make music again. I recorded the first demo of “hollywood” with my uncle at my grandma’s house”.

Take a listen to dietrich.’s latest song “hollywood” here.


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