Heartbreak Homie exhibits diverse skillset on ‘Social Butterfly’

Heartbreak Homie has shared a fresh new album, titled Social Butterfly. Heartbreak Homie is a versatile artist from the southside of Chicago, who prides herself on her writing skills, song making skills, ability to change her cadence and flows at the drop of the dime. As a true hip-hop lover, Heartbreak mostly delivers a melodic rap but always manages to sing and give her fans a ballad, deep R&B cut or pop hit. Inspired by greats like Michael Jackson, Drake, Chance the Rapper and Beyonce, Heartbreak makes it a priority to remain vulnerable in her music and give the listeners something they can smoke to. Her latest release, Social Butterfly, is a vibrant, potent offering that exhibits her versatility as a songwriter and creative, laced with infectious songs that draw from hip-hop,  house, R&B, and more.

Social Butterfly is a record that simply refuses to be placed in a box. With each song, Heartbreak introduces new sounds and motifs, dazzling the listener with a kaleidoscopic offering of styles. Songs like “Off With They Head” are raw, sleek bangers, with a uniquely Chicago edge- while “Monarch Moon” is a house-laced, danceable joint that feels exuberantly energetic. “Summertime” is a refreshing take on melodic hip-hop and R&B, with sharply-crafted, heartfelt melodies and breezy production. Closer “Today” is a soulful highlight, with warm rhodes keys drifting beneath Heartbreak’s potent, memorable vocals.

Be sure to give Heartbreak Homie’s latest record Social Butterfly a listen below, as she continues to carve out her expansive and character-rich lane within music. Connect with her and follow her instagram as well while you’re at it.


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