Daniel Tuladhar: The Rising Indie-Pop Sensation

Some theorize it’ll take an awful lot to push through the boundaries of the music industry, some attempt to do so, and few ever do. We want to introduce to Daniel Tuladhar. A prodigy writer, a ghost producer, and the byproduct of so many talented musicians that impacted the quality musician that he is.

     His latest single, “Hello Goodbye” is an indie-pop tribute to all of the accolades Daniel has accumulated within the last few years. Sincere vocals with soft verses as well as soaring choruses where Daniel shows no hesitation to project the juxtaposition to those softer verses.

     The song concludes with twangy-guitar leads, anthemic instrumentation, and a catchy chorus line that transports you to the end of the song. “Hello Goodbye” has over 10,000 streams on YouTube and is projected to chart on the Top-100 singles within the upcoming month.

     Be sure to check out their online pages, social media, and be on the lookout for any new releases! Remember us and this article when Daniel Tuladhar changes the music industry.

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