How Men Go Through Psychologically – Explained by Founder of Vision High Mental Wellness Dr. Mehjabeen

How Men Go Through Psychologically


Men experience unique psychological changes throughout their lives. Social and cultural factors greatly impact male psychology, and it’s essential to explore common mental health challenges and strategies for coping.




Identity Development


Young boys form their sense of self by comparing themselves to others. The influence of family, peers, and media are significant.


Peer Pressure & Bullying


Boys face enormous pressure to conform to expectations set by their peers. This can lead to bullying and impact self-esteem.


Mental health & Suicide


Teenage boys are more likely to take their lives due to severe depression and anxiety, which are often under-diagnosed.




Juggling of Responsibilities


Men often feel burdened juggling the demands of work, family, and social commitments, causing exhaustion and stress.


Mental Health Struggles


Men are less likely to seek help for mental health issues due to the stigma surrounding mental illness.


Stress Relief Techniques


Meditation and mindfulness practices can help men cope with the stressors of daily life.




Midlife Crisis & Depression


Men often experience a midlife crisis and feel depressed at this time. It’s essential to seek help and support from family, friends, or a therapist.


Health Concerns


Men become more vulnerable to various health concerns like heart disease, prostate cancer, and other age-related illnesses that impact well-being.


Reinventing Self-Identity


Men make significant life-changing decisions to reinvent themselves and transition into a new phase of life during mid-career.




Fatherhood Expectations


Men experience unique challenges trying to navigate societal expectations of fatherhood. Often juggling work and home priorities while still trying to be emotionally available.


Media And Masculinity


Mass media shapes men’s self-image and how they should express themselves, often regulating them to certain roles and stereotypes.


Masculinity & Mental Health




Traditional masculine norms restrict men from expressing their emotions or seeking help for their struggles. Breaking free from these expectations is necessary to promote mental health.


Addressing Self-destructive Behaviour


Men often mask their emotional pain through self-destructive behaviors like substance abuse, aggression, or excessive use of technology. These behaviors may seem like coping mechanisms, but they can lead to long-term harm.


Supporting Men’s Emotional Wellbeing


By promoting positive expressions of masculinity and providing resources and support to men, we can help to create a world where everyone can access mental well-being.





Recognize Men’s Emotional Pain


Acknowledging and validating men’s emotional pain is crucial to help them feel seen and promote emotional well-being.


Encourage Help-Seeking Behaviours


Encouraging men to seek help when they struggle and reducing the stigma around mental health will help them feel comfortable getting help.


Promote Gender Equality


Breaking down the barriers of gender inequality and recognizing individuals’ right to their emotional and social needs will help promote mental well-being in all men.




Men face unique psychological challenges due to societal norms and expectations.


Mental health stigma often prevents men from seeking help and support.


Breaking down notions of traditional masculinity can help promote positive emotional expression and mental health.


Explained by

Dr Mehjabeen

Founder vision high mental wellness


About Dr. Mehjabeen


Dr. Mehjabeen is a renowed psychologist, Psychotherapist, Child psychologist, Life coach, Founder Vision High Mental Wellness, Mental health ambassador @counsel India. She is the author of books SELF @notionpress

and THE LOST LOVE OCCUR @Ipublishingclinic

Official website:


In her words,


A journey started since from 2016 this was pre covid it’s been challenging started my organisation named vision high mental health wellness it was about mental health awareness campaigns intentions of the organisation was to help out people who are in need of it like we started with old homes ,orphanages Rural areas,slum ,government schools.


It was very tough for me to take over this all alone visiting to these places and organising events ,group counselling workshops ,therapies and sessions etc And also the toughest task was to make them understand about mental health. And I didt give up

When we embark on our journey need a plan to know where we are starting from and where we want to be it’s an actual journey to achieving our goals and making a difference in therapeutic breakthroughs.


To make a world better place to live and also craving more energy working on mental health a priority to be in everyone’s life looking at myself as a doctor and other’s taking up this into next level. There will be many obstacles in every aspects of our life and make it possible not giving up for a good cause.


The problem is People are educated unaware of mental health. My next priority was to invite people related to my psychology background to join our organisation. There was no Response no one has such interest contributing, making their time and mental health a priority in other lives. When the time passed things got changed finally we had a team of volunteers help out who are in trauma and other help Vision high has a remarkable journey Vision_high2_2.


Thank you,

Dr Mehjabeen

Founder vision high mental health wellness Mental health ambassador @counsel India

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