boygrim’s “on your mind” is somber but catchy

boygrim has dropped off a new song, titled “on your mind”. The single continues the eclectic artist’s run of potent, catchy joints- with tight-knit songwriting woven into somber melodies that feel expansive throughout. Sheets of invigorating guitars merge with a punchy rhythm section to give the song an undercurrent of powerful energy, while boygrim laces the track with his characteristic melancholia which keeps the listener engaged throughout. With a dynamic, earworm hook, he also displays a knack for writing infectious, memorable vocal lines on “on your mind”.

An indepdendent artist based out of Los Angeles, Califonira, boygrim combines the new and the familiar with his diverse, sweeping style. From his past electronica-infused rap to his current rock sound, boygrim has been sure to keep his sound fresh and evolve over the years. His latest song continues his run of diverse tracks that range from rock to indie to emo and much more. Give it a listen below and immerse yourself in the vibes with this one.


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