Hidden Renaissance deliver expansive album, ‘BA SING SE’

There are certain acts that just transcend boundaries within music, and massive online hip-hop collective and community Hidden Renaissance are one of these. With its community-first, open approach to creation, Hidden Renaissance transcends the bounds of a record label or company. It is, instead, a revolutionary community that makes and releases music together as a shared creative experience. Their latest offering BA SING SE marks their largest collaboration ever, with over 200 artists competing to appear on it, crafting more than 300 songs in a 2 month period in the process. The final result is a curated, multi-genre ode and homage to the raw skill and diversity of the underground.

In BA SING SE, the group explore refreshing territory conceptually and sonically, with a huge cast of collaborators that work together to bring different styles into a cohesive whole. Moreover, the sheer variety of vocalists and producers present adds an exciting pace of dynamics to the record, leaving few dull moments. A highlight appears early in the tracklist with “1996 (In the Heart, In the Mind)”, a soulful, powerful song by Hidden Renaissance members King Quad, Praxeye, and Miles Nautu, that puts lyricism in the forefront. “Fight the Feeling” contains slowed down, syrupy soul samples that create a hypnotic, mesmerizing sound, paired with smooth flows. “Tella Friend” brings in gritty electronic elements merging with glitchy samples to create a tapestry of sounds. Closer “there’s a way!” is an uplifting, warm finisher that stirs the emotions with its nostalgic production and reflective, thought-provoking vocals, with undercurrents of triumph.

Hidden Renaissance vocalist Cityboigreg says of BA SING SE, “I’ve never anticipated a drop so badly. And to think- there are waayy more songs like these that didn’t make the cut. Not to mention how ingenious of a way to not only bring the underground together, but an effortless way to push the sound (s) of the underground to new heights. Hidden Renaissance is truly a game changer”.

Listen to Hidden Renaissance’s latest project BA SING SE here:

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