DAMAG3 shares powerful single “BIG SMOKE” (ft. NOIR BENNY)

New Orleans artist DAMAG3 has shared a new single called “BIG SMOKE”, featuring NOIR BENNY and released in conjunction with UNDERRATED ARTIST SEASON. Known for their diverse, hard-hitting sound that blends elements of hip-hop, noise, punk, and more, DAMAG3 has been making waves throughout the underground for their originality and confrontational, poignant lyrical style. Their latest song “BIG SMOKE” is a true tour-de-force, with an expansive, invigorating sound that captivates listeners from the get-go.

“BIG SMOKE” contains layers of imposing guitars building dynamically atop a pounding rhythm section. DAMAG3 opens the track with cutting, exciting verses that discuss potent political and social commentary, while NOIR BENNY follows next in a similar suit with an equally raw, venomous verse. Equipped with an ear-worm hook that adds replay value to the track, “BIG SMOKE” is an immense new offering from DAMAG3, NOIR BENNY, and UNDERRATED ARTIST SEASON. Give it a listen below and further familiarize yourself with these talented artists as they continue to gain momentum within hip-hop’s underground.

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