Top 3 Finest Writers Of 2023 You Must Definitely Read

Dive into the world of writing wonders! Meet the top three finest writers of 2023 who will charm you with their incredible tales and captivating stories. From thrilling murder mysteries to heartfelt reflections and magical narratives, these writers are here to steal your heart.


The top 3 finest writers of 2023 you must definitely read are

  • Anita Desai
  • Shubhan Balvally
  • Sujoyita Pal



Anita Desai


Anita Desai, an amazing novelist from India, weaves tales that capture hearts. She’s not just any writer; she’s been on this rollercoaster of fame, getting super close to winning the Booker Prize three times!


She’s got this treasure trove of awards—imagine that! The Sahitya Akademi Award for “Fire on the Mountain” and the British Guardian Prize for “The Village by the Sea.” Her stories are like magic: “The Peacock,” “Voices in the City,” and “Games at Twilight” are some of her literary gems.


Anita started her writing adventure way back in 1963 with “Cry The Peacock.” But wait, she’s not just a writer! She’s a founding champ of a publishing company too—Writers Workshop rocks!


“Clear Light of Day” is her personal favorite. It’s like her diary brought to life, all about growing up in her old neighborhood. How cool is that?


Then there’s “In Custody,” this moving story about a poet in his twilight years. It even got close to winning that Booker Prize!


Teaching and storytelling go hand in hand for her. She shared her wisdom as a creative writing teacher at MIT and rocked it at Mount Holyoke, Baruch, and Smith Colleges.


She’s got this thing for writing in her genes. “Fasting, Feasting” got all the Booker Prize buzz in 1999. And don’t even get me started on “The Zigzag Way” and “The Artist of Disappearance”—she keeps on giving us these amazing stories!


Anita’s work even hit the big screen! “In Custody” became a movie magic moment in 1993. It snagged the President of India Gold Medal for Best Picture and starred legends like Shashi Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, and Om Puri.


This literary marvel isn’t just about writing—she’s a fellow of so many prestigious societies. Her dedication to storytelling shines through, making Anita Desai a true gem in the world of words!


Anita Desai Imdb:



Shubhan Balvally


After spending 35 wonderful years being associated with Audio & Visual medium, a journey that took Author Shubhan Balvally from Feature Films, Documentaries, Audio Visuals, Television Commercials and Music Videos, he made a successful foray as a Novelist in 2019. His debut novel titled ARIHANT – REVENGE PAR EXCELLENCE which was based on the genre of Science Fiction won him the BEST PLOT CREATION Award. After publishing the sequel and threequel of ARIHANT, Shubhan continued to push his limits and explore new horizons.



And that’s how he wrote his fourth Novel which was a murder mystery, a completely different genre from his earlier three science fiction novels. This particular novel was based on a subject which was rarely written about in any films, T.V Serials or even books. This was based on a topic known as ‘HOMICIDAL NOCTAMBULISM’ or simply, ‘SLEEPWALKING MURDERS’. And Shubhan created a taut and nail-biting story around this rarely heard of concept, which was unputdownable right till the very end! This murder mystery was titled as NOCTAMBULISM – FLOOD OF BLOOD which again won him ‘AUTHOR OF THE YEAR’ Award from Ukiyoto Publishing and also the CHERRY BOOK AWARD for the Best Book to Read. Post that, he published a sequel to this unique, one-of-a-kind murder mystery which was titled FLOOD OF BLOOD 2 – BLOODHOUNDS RISING which got him rave reviews from the literary world.


Shubhan Balvally is definitely a crackerjack novelist to watch out for, whose only goal in life is to entertain readers through his unique stories.



Dr. Sujoyita Pal


Dr. Sujoyita Pal, residing in the vibrant city of Kolkata, specifically in Baranagar, stands as a remarkable figure in the world of literature and education. She embarked on her academic journey with a graduation in English from Calcutta University, followed by the pursuit of a master’s degree in English at Rabindra Bharati University. Further enhancing her qualifications, she achieved a B.Ed. in English from WBUTTEPA University.


Beyond her impressive academic credentials, Dr. Sujoyita Pal is internationally recognized as a distinguished writer, holding numerous awards that attest to her literary prowess. Her name graces over 45 Google sites, reflecting her prominence in the literary world. Notably, she has been honored with a prestigious doctorate award, Honoris Causa, a government and NITI Aayog certified recognition.


Dr. Pal’s literary achievements continue to flourish with the recent publication and launch of 13 of her write-ups in three anthologies at the World Book Fair in New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan. In addition to her prolific writing, she is an esteemed English teacher, a proficient spoken English trainer, and a corporate grooming trainer, boasting certification as a soft skills trainer.


Her impressive list of achievements includes accolades such as the India Fame Award 2021 from Quidditch Ink Publications, the Atal Swarna Samman 2022, a national-level award from Iconic Brand Network, and the Swami Vivekananda Rastriya Swarna Samman 2022. Further, she received the Bharat Bhusan Ratna Samman 2023, Best Writer Award 2023 from Drop of Change Publication House, and Poet of the Year 2023 from the same publication.


Dr. Sujoyita Pal’s dedication to her craft has also earned her recognition with awards like the Naari Samman Sheroes Award 2023 from Priya’s Wisdom Publication, the Iconic Indian Personality Winner from Priya’s Wisdom Publication House, and the Rajendra Prasad Excellence Award, a national-level honor from the same publication house. Moreover, she was honored with the Global Achievers Award 2021 and the Karwa Chauth Award 2021 from R K Publication.


Notably, on the 15th of May 2023, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Award (Honoris Causa), a testament to her outstanding contributions to literature and education. Most recently, on the 12th of September 2023, she received the Charles Dickens Award, a recognition that is prominently featured on Google.


Dr. Sujoyita Pal’s remarkable journey through the realms of literature, education, and accolades continues to inspire and enrich the literary world.


Dr. Sujoyita Pal IMDb:



Anita Desai, Shubhan Balvally, and Dr. Sujoyita Pal are more than just writers—they’re storytellers crafting enchanting worlds for readers. With their unique styles and captivating tales, these literary gems have left an indelible mark in the world of literature. Don’t miss out on their mesmerizing stories; they’re waiting to take you on unforgettable journeys through the magic of their words.



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