High Status Award 2022: Devan Leos

The High-Status Award from higher frequency mag is an annual award granted to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding innovation, commitment, and professionalism in their field.

The award is presented to those individuals who have achieved excellence in their field and made a lasting impact. We are proud to recognize individuals who inspire us all and have demonstrated the highest standards of commitment and innovation. The High-Status Award is a prestigious honor and is an excellent acknowledgment of the commitment and dedication of those who have earned it. This year we are honoring actor Devan Leos

Devan Leos is an actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry

We recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond to make a significant contribution to their industry or community and who have achieved a high level of success.

This year, Devan is the winner of the High Status Of The Year award for his outstanding achievements following his challenges after his career on Disney (Mighty Med).

This award is a testament to Devan’s hard work and dedication to his craft. Not only has he achieved success, but he has also been an inspiration to many fans who look up to him for his talent and positive attitude.

Devan is a shining example of how perseverance and passion can take you to the highest levels of success. He has become a source of inspiration to many young aspiring actors, who dream of one day becoming as successful as Devan.

The actor faced some difficult challenges in 2019, but nearly 4 years later, the former child actor has once again started rising back to the top with his achievements in the Public Relations industry.

Devan Leos currently holds an executive position with Sowa Marketing Agency, and is the founder of DDigital, a communications company that focuses on PR related communications marketing.

Devan Leos is living proof that no matter the odds, you can always achieve success if you put in the hard work and remain committed to your goals!

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