The Book Whisperers: Manhattan Book Group Earns Rave Reviews from Authors

Manhattan Book Group has quickly become a leading hybrid publisher, earning glowing testimonials from authors for their commitment to bringing books to life. As a hybrid publisher, they provide essential publishing services while allowing authors to retain control and ownership of their work. They’ve perfected the hybrid publishing model, as evident from the overwhelmingly positive reviews they’ve received.

Phenomenal Partners

The Manhattan Book Group is different because they work closely with the people who write the books. Many people who write reviews said they like the Manhattan Book Group’s project managers. One person who wrote a book said the project managers were “phenomenal partners” who helped him be a better writer.

Other people said the team “loves my book as I do,” and they “help me” the whole time. Some other publishing groups don’t seem to care much. However, the Manhattan Book Group project managers keep giving ideas to improve the books.

Smooth Process, High Quality

The Manhattan Book Group also makes publishing books easy. Many people say they have a simple, straightforward way of doing things.

From fixing the words to designing the cover and everything else, the people who wrote the books liked how clear and easy it was to work with the company. In this review of their services, it’s evident that how they do things helps get projects done on time and ensures a smooth and efficient publishing process.

One person said, “Everything has gone smoothly.” Some people tried to get regular publishers to print their books for a long time but kept getting told no. These people found Manhattan Book Group a “perfect solution” to get their books printed professionally and efficiently.

Grateful Authors, Gracious Service

All the people who wrote books were thankful they got to publish with the Manhattan Book Group. The words “gracious” and “helpful” were often used in reviews. This shows the company works with authors in a personal way.

Unlike big publishers, many said Manhattan Book Group listens to and helps authors. Big publishers often ignore authors. But Manhattan Book Group makes authors feel heard and important. Their service focuses on the authors and what they need. That’s why writers keep coming back to work with them repeatedly.

Hybrid Done Right

Manhattan Book Group earns top marks for authors seeking an experienced guiding hand in publishing without sacrificing control over their work. Their proven hybrid model and focus on author relationships set them apart in independent publishing.

They recognized a need for hybrid publishing before many, and they continue to refine the model based on author input. Whether it’s the first book or the fifth, Manhattan Book Group gives writers the best of both worlds—professional publishing with creative independence.

A Bright Future

Because they want to help authors succeed, Manhattan Book Group has become an essential new publishing company.  Manhattan Book Group is ready to change publishing forever by prioritizing relationships with authors.

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